Web buttons

This is an effort to preserve a collection of 88x15 web buttons made available by Taylor McKnight years ago. Sadly, that archive seems to be inactive and web buttons aren't used like they used to be. The site may be lost to history along with the entire collection. This collection aims to preserve that history. Unfortunately, I was not able to save all of the web buttons linked as some of them were corrupted or otherwise not saved in any of the past years in the Internet Archive.

Please be aware that many of these sites/programs/services are obsolete. And please do not hotlink to any of the images here.

I do not own these images and they are provided as-is for archival, informational, and educational purposes only. The copyrights, if any, for these buttons belong to their original creators. I am not responsible for any of the content in the linked pages, accuracy or lack thereof, nor am I responsible for any direct, indirect or any other kind of harm whatsoever from accessing or otherwise interacting with this page or any of its content, or by following the linked pages.

I have added a simple button generator to make your own.

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