Rustic Cyberpunk

Coffee. Code. Cabins.

A small homestead in the woodlands, a little farm, and a tiny bit of technology to keep things going. These are the things I'm looking for and working toward.

Journal of happenings in my life


Cabin Life An ongoing project to make the tools and utilities to enable cabin living, starting with a wood stove design of my own

Bare The blog script I use to run my journal

Lab Notebook A printable laboratory notebook in PDF and spreadsheet form

Word Processor A dedicated writing computer for my journals and notes, with a 3D printable case and will include the internal hardware and software (in progress)

Web Buttons An archived collection of web buttons from 2003 to around 2010, and generator


These are my onion sites for which you'll need the Tor Browser Bundle to access.

Header page Hidden site index of things about me

Blog Onion version of my journal

Hi Things that came to my mind. Why do we say "came to my mind"? Do thoughts visit?

webcam Webcam from the back of the office. Capture script source.